How We Make Things Easier

Creating a mere digital notebook with the ability to send orders to the kitchen will not be enough, this platform must become something much more.


Receive orders, share them with co-workers, keep in touch with customers and get tips in just a few clicks.

Easy to Use

Customers only need a smartphone and in one simple action they will be connected, without having to download or install anything.


All information about you, your clients, place of work, etc. is stored on your device, where you have complete control over it.

Web App

Works on any device that can run a modern web browser, no third party stores or add-ons needed.


Nothing can replace human communication and individual approach, which is why the work of the waiter is so important.
— The Salver team


The People Behind This Project

We are a small development team passionate about our work. Over the years, each of us has brought to life the ideas of others, but we always wanted to create something of our own. And now, after a while, it seems that we managed to form the concept of the application, which we ourselves would love to use.

From time to time, we gather in some cafe or restaurant just to chat outside the work environment. And during one of these meetings, the conversation started about the fact that there are situations that cause inconvenience to both the employees of the establishment and the customers.

After talking with experienced restaurant workers, we formed a vision of how we can improve the current situation. Having analyzed the technical possibilities, we decided to develop a web application that would be able to implement our concept.


Influence the future of the platform


The project is already in the active stage of development. Follow our publications to stay informed.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello, please send an email to contact@salver.app


The development is carried out on our own initiative, so we will be grateful for any support. Thanks!